About Us

EFT transforms lives through a unique approach of psychological acupuncture – combining the principles of mind/body medicine and acupuncture to produce quick, profound results in cases where nothing else has worked.

Resolving our negative emotions by balancing our energy system is the quickest path to relief from challenges, problems and physical symptoms. When emotional issues are dealt with and blockages removed, the physical issues improve vastly or fade away.

Soon you’ll be able to:

Handle challenges with confidence!
See things from a clearer perspective!
Heal the complex layers of chronic illness and pain!
Increase confidence and self-image!
Overcome traumatic memories!
Conquer fears, stress and overwhelm!
Manage concerns like: procrastination, negative self-image and fear of failure, just to name a few!
Completely transform your life painlessly, quickly, and permanently!
You are just one step away from beginning to live life on your terms with renewed energy, enthusiasm and motivation to enjoy things that have been sidelined for too long! Relationships, creativity, career advancement, good health, goals, abundance…the list goes on. EFT gives you the chance to write your own future from a base of ongoing strength, health, and vitality.

When you can focus your full efforts not on surviving, but on thriving – doing what you love, and healthily living the life you truly deserve – you’ll achieve breakthrough results!