The Professional Options for Acne Treatments

There are several products which a person can consider as the best acne treatment. Before determining which is the best acne treatment one needs to assess the level of toxicity in the acne treatment product.

Before we discus the best acne treatments let us see what acne is all about. Acne is a common skin disease which is believed to occur in up to 85% of the people at one time or another. Acne can be described as an inflammatory skin eruption which is commonly seen in or near the sebaceous glands of the various parts of the human body including the face, neck, upper back, and shoulders. Now back to the best acne treatments – the professional choices.

There are several products which a person can consider as the best acne treatment. However, the best acne treatment for an individual could not be the ideal one for another person. This is due to the fact that the skin type of each individual differs from the other. And the best acne treatment is determined by the type of skin a person has and the skin reaction on that treatment. The best acne treatment could also range from the traditional herbal acne remedies to the modern medicines like acne light treatment which are proved to offer better results.

Before determining which is the best acne treatment one needs to assess the level of toxicity in the acne treatment product. Low level of toxicity means there is less health risk involved in it. Here are some of the best acne treatments which have been tested and contain only low level of toxicity in it.

Australian Tea Tree Oil is considered as one of the best acne treatment. Using this product is quite easy – what you need is to add one or two drops of the product and apply it in the affected area. Several acne patients have reported that the product provides best results.

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick with Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil is also reported to be a professional choice for acne treatments. The product comprises of grain alcohol, Witch Hazel Extract, and several types of extracted oils (Blue Chamomile, Eco-harvest Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, etc). The product is also simple to use – just apply it to the blemishes and to even other skin irritations five to six times daily.

Burt’s Bees Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil is also rated as one of the best acne treatments. The product can be applied to the affected area several times daily.

Tail Piece: These are only some recommendations of the best acne treatment products available in the market. As mentioned earlier, the best acne treatment differs from one person to the other according to his/her sin type.

An Overview On Skin Needling And Its Benefits

Everyone is trying to find that next big thing in appeal and skin care, anything to improve their charm. When thinking of skin resurfacing strategies, there is a range to select from, consisting of laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. However, there is another alternative to think about called skin needling.

So what is skin needling? Simply put, the latter is a less invasive procedure with a reasonably short healing period.  Skin needling benefits are correcting defects in your skin such as scars from injuries or acne, wrinkles, and aging skin by stimulating collagen development. For many years, some dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have tried out various methods to decrease scars, and have found this to be among the most reliable ways.


When you get here for your consultation, the doctor will thoroughly cleanse and use cream to the skin that will be needed, the chosen area is then injected with anesthetic. Some medical professionals likewise offer their patients intravenous anesthetic to aid with any pain they might experience. A needle roller is then rolled over the skin sometimes, producing numerous small leak wounds. These stimulate the formation of collagen and can promote even complexion if you have splotches of colouring. Later on, a relaxing cream is used, and your medical professional might select to cover you’re confronted with plasters for about 24 hours.

You can expect the treated skin to appear red and swollen for a few days. However, after about a week or so, the majority of the inflammation is gone. Some doctors advise up to five sessions, depending upon the severity of your skin’s defects. Deeper, more visible scars may require several treatments before it starts to improve in appearance. Other patients may need a couple of treatments before seeing an enhancement. You must wait 6 to eight weeks in between sessions to allow the skin to recover entirely.


Skin needling can be carried out on primarily on the face, however, can likewise be carried out on the hands, back, neck and chest. Overall skin needling supplies enhanced skin fewer wrinkles and improve scarring. A single skin needling session can help collagen production for up to a year, and can generally be more economical than other skin resurfacing treatments.

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Facial Skin Care Treatment

When you have a healthy and radiant-looking skin, people instantly assume that you are taking real good care of your body, particularly your skin. The skin is actually regarded by many as a mirror of oneself, in which it is a reflection of how one takes care of his body.

Of course, to keep our skin looking beautiful and young, proper skin care is really necessary. See, there are a lot of skin care regimens that people can adapt and practice everyday, and there are also a number of skin care products available in markets today that are formulated to maintain the natural suppleness of the skin.

Meanwhile, skin care does not necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. As for skin care products, learn how to choose products that are not too expensive yet provide excellent skin maintenance results. Treatments, on the other hand, do not really need to be high-end and costly. Simple treatments like facial are usually the ones needed by the skin.

What is a facial treatment?

A facial is a form of serious skin care treatment that nourishes, exfoliates, and cleanses the skin, thus, promoting a well-hydrated, smooth, and clear complexion. This type of skin care is in fact regarded as one of the most popular and in-demand spa and salon treatments today.

There are a lot of tools and equipment used in facial treatments. Among them are the following:

1. Facial chair or bed
2. Magnifying lamp
3. Facial steamer
4. Small trolley
5. Cotton and cotton pads
6. Gauze
7. Towels
8. Head covering
9. Facial massager
10. Cleansers, astringents, sanitizers, moisturizers, creams,
11. Facial masks

What are the basic procedures in a facial treatment?

The following are the basic steps in a facial treatment:

1. Facial cleansing
2. Skin analysis
3. Exfoliation using steaming
4. Extraction of blackheads
5. Facial massage to relax the body and stimulate the skin
6. Application of facial mask
7. Application of protective creams and toners

How often should you get a facial treatment?

According to dermatologists and skin care specialists, people should get a serious skin care facial treatment every four to six weeks. The ideal number of times to have facial treatments is four to five times a year. Those who have skin complications like acne may need to get a facial more often than the usual recommended times to get it.

As for the cost of the treatment, it varies depending on the price offerings of spa and salon establishments. The packages and add-ons on the procedure make the cost of the treatment higher.

Furthermore, those who cannot afford to get a facial treatment at spas and salons can opt for a home-made facial treatment. A quick facial regimen that can be practiced at home includes that following easy-to-do steps:

1. Splash your face with warm water.
2. Massage your face using olive oil.
3. Thoroughly scrub your face with a half-teaspoon of sugar.
4. Wipe your face with a warm wet cloth.

Acne Treatment for Black Skin


Acne is a serious skin disorder that affects people of every race, age, and gender. Many of its victims are teenagers, but adults and infants are afflicted as well. It usually appears on the face, neck, chest, and the upper back, and whether you are white skinned or black skinned, you cannot escape from it. Everybody gets zits. However, a number of acne skin care companies somehow put certain divisions or boundaries regarding on the application of acne treatments. One of those divisions is the production of acne treatment for black skin.

According to certain studies there is actually no great deal with the color of skin when it comes to acne. The only difference is that black skinned acne patients show dark blemishes on their skin, while the whites generally show red blotches. The typical acne treatment for black skin is just the same as to those treatments for white skinned acne patients although they sometimes vary according to the skin type, whether oily, dry, or a combination of both.

Acne in the first place is often treated by dermatologists, who are doctors specializing in skin problems. These doctors treat all types of acne, particularly the severe acnes. There is actually one single aim for the emergence of acne treatments, whether it is an acne treatment for black skin or for white and brown skin. The goal is mainly to heal the existing lesions, stop and prevent new ones from forming, prevent scarring, and lessen the psychological stress and embarrassment caused by acne.

A common form of acne treatment for black skin is the OTC or prescription topical medication. This acne treatment for black skin is typically applied for patients with mild signs of this skin condition. It is commonly noted that this acne treatment for black skin is directly treated to the acne lesions or to the entire affected areas of the skin. In particular, benzoyl peroxide is a common acne treatment for black skin. This drug is noted for its ability to penetrate the skin and to kill the acne-causing bacteria found in the skin. Aside from such acne treatment for black skin, there are also the salicylic acid, resorcinol, and sulfur. All of them work to fight acne, so to prevent new ones from forming. Nevertheless, certain reports have noted that each of them has its own side effects; dryness, redness, and irritation being so common.

Several other forms of acne treatment for black skin are there. They include nonprescription products like creams, lotions, and cleansers; herbal acne treatment for black skin; homeopathy and some other contemporary techniques. With their diversity, finding the right acne treatment for black skin could be difficult, thus the help of the experts is highly needed.